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Prevention is everyone’s business


What actions should be taken to slow the deterioration of the Lake and its shores but also to reduce the risk of an accident? Prevention is everyone’s business.

Prevent watermylfoil: Wash your boat and trailer before entering the lake and your trailer at the exit.

Preventing shoreline erosion: For “wake boat” and “wake surf” boats, navigate 250 meters (820 feet) from the shore. It is at this distance that the waves dissipate before reaching the banks. For powerful boats and ski boats, navigate in the center of the lake. At all times, control your speed to have as little impact as possible on the shores.

Deforestation of the shoreline: follow the regulations of the City of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts. Waterfront property – pesticides and fertilizers

Aquatic plants: For motorboats, refrain from driving in shallow waters. For watermylfoil, the only solution is the mandatory washing of boats. Avoid shoreline erosion and sediment agitation.

Follow safety instructions for swimming, boating, paddle sports and small boats, windsurfing and personal watercraft (Sea-doo, Jet Ski, WaveRunner) .

Learn about and follow federal marine navigation regulations.

In an attitude of respect, also follow the Lake’s code of ethics regarding water quality, shoreline erosion by waves, noise pollution, civility and living together.

If you witness unsafe and damaging activity on the lake, call 819-326-7698

Lac des Sables Code of Ethics

Lac des Sables is a resort close to community services. The community deserves an attitude of respect:

• Respect for the environment and quality of life
• Mutual respect between all users of the Lake and its surroundings
• Respect for the diversity of activities on and around the Lake
• Respect for a healthy sound environment

A freely agreed acceptance of this code will ensure the protection of the Lake while improving the quality of life and recreation of all its users.

The aim of this code is to promote this attitude of respect while minimizing the level of invasive activities.

The code invites users and their guests to become particularly aware of the impact of their behaviour and to act accordingly with civility, respect and tolerance towards others.

Water quality
The water quality of a lake remains the key to its health as an ecosystem. It is also one of the aspects that makes it attractive to residents and visitors. In general, all users of the Lake must commit to:

• Protect the natural vegetation of the land by complying with the regulations of the City of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts: It is forbidden to cut, mow, prune or alter vegetation located in waterfront areas, including grass or lawn, on a 10 or 15 meters area. Deforestation near the Lake interferes with cooling and oxygenation;
• Refrain from spreading chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other water quality-damaging products on land;
• Refrain from pouring sand into the lake;
• Ensure that polluting materials are not used for the construction of the wharves while ensuring the free flow of water;
• Make sure waterfowl, as well as wild animals, are not fed or domesticated;
• Ensure that wastewater is treated by approved systems;
• Make sure septic tanks are emptied regularly to ensure efficient operation;
• Refrain from using personal hygiene products such as soap and shampoo to wash in the lake;
• Ensure that boat owners comply with all sump tank regulations;
• Focus on the use of four-stroke engines;
• Wash boats thoroughly before putting them in the water;
• Prefer the use of biodegradable products in residences;
• Never drink water from the lake without first treating it using a treatment system approved by the Ministry of the Environment.

Waves are an important cause of shoreline erosion. In addition, they contribute to the risk of accidents and remain a source of concern for users.

• As a general rule, boats, including seaplanes, must travel at speeds that create minimal wave effects, especially in the vicinity of swimmers or other vessels;
• Do not deliberately create waves or use the wake of another boat for the purpose of performing acrobatics;
• The use of “wake board” and “wake surf” is limited in the centre of the Lake south of Isle aux Bleuets, between Major Bay and Viau Bay;
• Avoid the passage of a motorized boat or seaplane near a swimmer or other boat.

Swimmers and non-motorized boats are given priority over both motorized boats and seaplanes. Under no circumstances should they be obliged to claim this priority.

Sound pollution is one of the major issues. For this reason, the following measures are recommended:

• Provide motorized boats with a muffler in good condition, designed to minimize noise from the propulsion system;
• Avoid untimely, dangerous and irresponsible driving;
• Adjust the sound level of any sound system intended to broadcast music so as not to affect the quality of life of residents;
• Use warning systems only in an emergency.

Civility and common sense means
• Respect the tranquillity of the neighbours;
• Refrain from using strong lights at night and from directing the beam to reduce their reflection on the surface of the lake;
• Keep dogs on the owner’s property, or on a leash, and collect their feces throughout the year;
• To respect in all seasons a reasonable area of privacy for the waterfront owners.

Annual General Meeting

Annual general meetings inform members and the public and drive a sustained interest in the environmental cause and safety on the Lake.

Annual general meetings
General meetings are held at the beginning of the summer season. All members of the Association, citizens and representatives of the City of Ste-Agathe-des-Monts are invited. APELS presents a report on the environmental situation of Lac des Sables as well as on the safety of users. There is then a period for questions and suggestions, the presentation of financial statements and the election of board members for the following year.

AGM presentations

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AGM 2017
AGM 2018
AGM 2019

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